Disable power saving temporarily in Kodi

Strange problem/request, but does anyone know if there’s any to temporarily disable power saving? I’m using HDMI CEC to power on my N2 when I turn on my TV which works great.

The issue I have though is that if I then switch to another input to play some games, after 15 minutes my N2 powers off via Kodi power saving which in turn then powers off my TV and Amp! Is there anyway I could send a command via the Kodi api to keep the N2 alive while I’m playing games? Or…somehow have the N2 switch off without triggering CEC if I’m on a different HDMI input on my Amp?

Did you go through all N2 CEC settings options ? There is an option that can solve your problem…

Then don’t make him guess, tell him what the option is :anguished:

No, hence why I asked on here!

If you did you’d find a CEC settings “Devices to power on/off during startup/shutdown” that would probably ring the bell :wink:
Setting Devices to power off during shutdown to None will solve your problem so shutting down N2 will have no CEC effect on your connected devices.

That’s then a blanket setting though, so I’m not going to change that each time I want to turn on my other system.

I don’t understand this, it has nothing to do with turning on anything…

I think you misunderstand my issue here entirely as none of your replies make any sense based on my question.

What I want is a way to keep my N2 on if I switch inputs. I have it set to normally switch off after 15 minutes of inactivity using Kodi’s built in power saving routines. The issue I have is that because I have CEC enabled the N2 then powers off my TV and amp. What I want is a way of it either staying alive while my amp is on a different input, or the N2 powering itself off without then turning everything else off as well.

I know I can stop it doing that via the settings but the majority of the time I want it to power things off.

OK, now I understand…, if this was your first post I would not written anything, because there is no fix that I know for your needs.

That’s why I wondered if there was something I could do to detect inputs have changed and then either shut it down without CEC powering off the TV and Amp or just to keep it alive so it doesn’t shut down.