Disable Remote Button?

I have tried making some changes in remote.conf but havent been able to disable the mouse pointer button. Its ok if I cant re assign it, but at least disable it completely because if that button is accidentally pressed the other remote functions stop working. Any pointers?

someone please correct me if Iā€™m wrong but I believe that particular button changes something on the remote (not the box) to make it act like a mouse. End result is there is nothing on the box you can change to prevent this behaviour.

You could open the remote, and put electrical tape on the button contacts to prevent that button from working but that might be your only solution.

My mouse button in my magicsee N5 remote was reassigned to the codec info and the one in my GT1 is reassigned as play, pause. I used the files in the remote thread for each box.

just comment #fn_key_scancode and assign it code on something else

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This worked, many thanks.