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Can someone help me with finding out my display info of my box? I know there is a script that does that but I don’t know what that is, where to put it, and how to run it & collect the data.
If someone would be kind enough to show me the way.

read here https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/System_information

No, not that. I’m taking specifically about the “dispinfo2.sh” script. I’d like to make some adjustments in whitelist based on the results.

Isn’t it just “dispinfo” then follow the link or cat dispinfo.txt

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If someone would be kind enough to show me the way.

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Guys, I’m a total noob when it comes to CE. How do I do cat? I mean, I have to use some kind of a terminal application , which one? And how do I connect to run the command?

Connect to your CE box via ssh then first type:-


then either open the link in a web browser or type:-

cat dispinfo.txt

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To clarify, I know how to do cat. I’m just looking in what platform to do it. Do I download a terminal app on my Android phone , connect and do it from there?
(Now that I wrote it down seems obvious lol, but it’s this correct?)

You could do it from an Android phone, I’ve used JuiceSSH app before and it works well, but most people would do it from a computer connected to the same network.

The connect to ssh command is “ssh root@IP_ADDRESS” ?

From a Mac or Linux box yes.

From a Windows 7 or earlier PC you’ll need Putty or your perfered SSH client.

From a Windows 10 PC you can install the OpenSSH feature and use ssh root@IP_ADDRESS from a windows command prompt. https://www.howtogeek.com/336775/how-to-enable-and-use-windows-10s-built-in-ssh-commands/

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I did it.
Here’s the info

Do you think I should enable some resolutions in whitelist / eliminate the others? I sometimes (not always) get some artifacts, and mainly the playback stops

I basically whitelist all the 2160p and 1080p resolutions on my N2 and that seems to work good for me, the box switches to the correct resolution for my content. But as far as I know whitelisting resolutions isn’t going to solve artifacts or playback stopping issues.

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I guess it has something to do with the 4k tv resolutions, because I don’t have these issues when connected to a 1080p monitor

Also, what does the 402 mean in “2160p50hz420”?

420 is the Chroma subsampling that the mode supports.

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Do I have to block all the resolution Hz’s not shown in my display_cap?