Display resolution/refresh rate change at start of playback switches to another HDMI INPUT

Hi everyone. Recently started having this problem where any button press to get out of screensaver mode switches to another input on my TV. I’m using minix neo a2 lite remote with the Odriod N2. The N2 is connected directly through hdmi to the soundbar. Any ideas why this might be happening?

I have managed to narrow down the problem and it seems like the CEC settings are causing this. I have disabled CEC in the Input-Peripherals and it seems to have solved this. Any idea which setting under CEC could be the one causing this issue? What happens is that when starting to play a file in Plex, when the TV switches resolution or refresh rate in accordance to the media file, the input source on the TV switches to another one. This also happens when pressing a button to come back from screensaver mode.