DLNA not working when booting on Gbit ethernet

I own an Odroid N2 which I’m using with CoreELEC v9.2.1 since months to play videos from another SBC with minidlna service running.
The N2 was connected to a 100Mbit switch and all was fine until yesterday, when I had to switch to a new Gbit switch because the older one ceased to work.
Now after boot the I can’t access the minidlna server with “unable to connect” error,
nor I’m able to browse dlna servers anymore…
But ethernet works well, I can ping the N2 successfully, other network services like YouTube addons are fine… just connection to dlna server is broken.
Now, if I go in the Config->Services menu, disable uPNP service and then re-enable it, then everything works as expected.
It seems the uPNP service is stuck at boot somehow, I don’t understand why it happens with Gbit ethernet, not with 100Mbit however… maybe it’s a question of execution time difference.
No effect it I disconnect / reconnect ethernet after boot.
This situation repeats at every boot.

Any idea to solve this?


I solved it enabling the “wait for network” setting.