Does not play 4k

Hello everybody. This is my first time in this forum so I apologize in advance if I have not chosen the right thread. I have a Minix Neo U1 since 2016 and lately I had something abandoned. but recently I installed Coreelec on a 32 gigabyte SD card and 100.MB / s speed and the truth is that it is quite fluid and so I can take advantage of the Android Minix which allows me to access without having to disconnect the card. Sorry if I’m getting longer. the case is that I have a problem with the resolution if I leave the one that brings by default the image starts to turn off and on continuously. The resolution it brings by default is 3840x2160. To correct the defect I put it in 1080p and it works fine until I play a local file or streamen in 4k that soon begins to turn off the screen again. The TV is a Samsung KS 7000 4k HDR. I tried libreelec with a usb and it doesn’t fail to reproduce 4k without problem. the case is that for my Coreelec it is much more practical because I can access the MINIX NAND easily and kodi is 18.4 in libreelec 18.0. If someone can help me I would be very grateful and congratulations for the forum. Greetings.

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If your TV looses signal, it means you have probably have a bad HDMI cable.