Dolby Digital trancoding option is missing

Hi to all of you and many thanks for your great job.
I recently installed Coreelec 9.2.2 on my tanix tx9 pro box.
Everything is working perfect but I have a problem and I want your help.
Under the Audio passthrough section the option for DD transcoding is missing.
My problen is that I used to use this option to convert the AAC audio in to DD in order to get a “pseudo” 5.1 chanell via ma Sony AVR receiver. (I know the limitations of AAC via HDMI or SPDIF) Now I only get 2.0 chanell PCM when I play AAC audio files. Can anyone help me?

Make sure “number of channels” is 2.0. It doesn’t appear for other selections.

If your AVR supports L-PCM, then change the audio device back to what it was and set the channel count to 5.1 or 7.1 depending on your setup.

Thank you guys for your assistance. When I am back to home in the afternoon I will follow your advice and I will inform you for the results. I did not know that I sould set the channels to 2.0 to make DD transcoding option to be appeared.

@sammutd88 Finally the DD transcoding option appears thanks to your suggestion. Everything is working good and all the AAC audio files now convert to 5.1 DD. Thank you again.

@TheCoolest Unfortunately my Sony AVR is very old and it doesn’t support LPCM. It doesn’t even have HDMI. Only Spdif and Toslink. It supports only PCM 2.0 channels.

Thanks both of you for the help and the information.

I see, then yes, set it to HDMI + 2.0 channels and enable DD transcoding.