(Doubt) Webcam in kodi

Hi, I would like to see a webcam (/ dev / video0) from kodi? It is for some tests that I am doing, but I am unable to see the image in Kodi.

Edit: When you try to access /dev/video0 it says that permissions are denied.

Maybe you should check this:

Nothing does not work for me. Now what I want to see is a USB webcam connected to the box and this is for IP.


P.D: I have also tried using a strm file, but it has not worked either.
P.D2: Sorry for my english.

Good I tell you because you are interested in doing this. The idea was to connect the ps vita to the tvbox and show the psvita on the screen. The thing is that the ps vita to emulate a webcam.

My idea was to do this, taking advantage of the fact that Coreelec had camera drivers: