Downloaded video cache buffer is deleted after pressing Rewind


First and foremost, I have no buffer issues when it comes to playing anything on my Odroid N2. The buffer is crazy fast and I’m very content with it’s performance. Having said that, I do have one tiny little caveat that I’d like to know if we all have or is it just me.

When I stream a video file from a remote server and hit rewind once on my remote (left arrow key) I notice Kodi deletes the downloaded cache buffer and starts downloading it again.

Weird part is, buffer only gets deleted the first time I press Rewind (left arrow key). If I let the buffer build again and rewind later for a second or third time, the buffer remains there.

Can someone confirm if this is normal?
And why does it not delete the buffer on the subsequent rewinds? (not that I’m complaining… this is actually a good thing :smile: )

This is my advancedsettings.xml file:


Kodi is the culprit. Experienced this with Kodi 18.5 (maybe previous versions) and It’s little annoying but I never got around to figuring it out.

Just to point out that if you using something older than Kodi ver17, your advancedsettings is correct otherwise It’s not…

" In Kodi v17, the cache-related tags were removed from <network> and placed under a new <cache> tag."

I’m on 18.5. Had no idea as I’ve been using those same settings for years now. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll remove the network settings.