[Dreambox One UHD] - Amlogic s922X

dreambox one dvb tuner driver is closed source. So unfortunately openelec livetv will not be available with tvheadend

There are two possibilities:

  1. Building the same kernel rel. as Dream, so the closed src driver could be loaded.
  2. reverse ing. of the SiLaps driver (a good winter project)

Well if they are building a driver and including the linux headers in that work then the driver must be GPL and if the source is not released then this is a license violation.

Whether or not they care to listen or help the open source community is another matter.

There is always the possibility of creating a shim to load the driver as well.

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For that old box I had nothing for kernel 3.10 and
it took me about 2 month to write the drivers. The CoreElec’s dvb drivers src was very helpfull.

I think SiLaps examples are also in mainline src. Kernel 4.X on aml is total new for me. And for the begining I’ll use so:
PKG_ARCH=“arm aarch64”
PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET=“toolchain linux”
PKG_LONGDESC="Dreambox One’s DVB driver "

makeinstall_target() {
mkdir -p $INSTALL/$(get_kernel_overlay_dir)/lib/modules-load.d
cp etc/modules-load.d/* $INSTALL/$(get_kernel_overlay_dir)/lib/modules-load.d

mkdir -p $INSTALL/$(get_full_module_dir)
cp -r lib/modules/4.9/* $INSTALL/$(get_full_module_dir)

mkdir -p $INSTALL/$(get_full_firmware_dir)
cp -r lib/firmware/* $INSTALL/$(get_full_firmware_dir)

post_install() {
#enable_service dreamboxdvb.service

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used dvb ko si2183, si2141

si2141 dvb t/c2 tuner

DVB-S/S2 satellite tuner RDA5816SD


Currently there is a private project which is based on a heavily modded enigma2 OS from a ways back that allowed the device to be used here in NA. Currently the OS is running and Kodi Alpha 19 and 18.3 are working tho much more testing needs to be done and both the dvb tuners are working as the SiLabs firware was RE’d a ways back.

I think for anyone wanting dvb this box will be the future but its still going to be a ways out yet, tho i could see the Kodi part appearing earlier as i know a few others working strictly on that as dvb here in NA is touchy legally so they aren’t concerned about that part.

Be free to test my first custom Build:
CoreElec (custom build, source, …)


Bonjour Emanuel,

Great box the DreamOne, I successfully compiled OpenPLi for it, but I have two issues… once I boot the box I have access to the OS and the GUI is working (thru the WebInterface/OpenWebIf), but the HDMI is not found (only RCA) and the Satellite data comes in from the Tuners properly found (DVB-S2X), but no Video.

Older boxes had in /proc/stb the hdmi/video/vmpeg etc… that is no more on the Amlogic hardware of the DreamOne… how could I “fix” also in a dirty way these 2 things ? HDMI support and Video/DVB input to box ?

Merci beaucoup et bravo pour le CoreElec !



I have installed image with Rufus to a sdcard, but I can’t seem to boot box from sdcard.

Any help please?


Which image you tried with wich dtb?

I have installed this one:


Do I have to do anything in the box? Just inserted sdcard, power off and on with rear switch


Images for the Dreambox One have not been produced by us and as such we are not able to offer any support for unofficial releases.

@emanuel created this image so maybe he can help you further.

Jamer196: there is a readme.txt (download)

I think you haven’t setup you bootloader enviroment.

@Pelican: dtb is inside the boot.img

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I’ve been trying to set up booting for up to 2 weeks but I can’t, can you help me? Sorry my English

looks now ready but make all source close :frowning:

So the team spend quality time bringing yet another great product for your enjoyment and instead of testing,enjoying and giving feedback, you first reaction and priority after only 11 hours after the announcement of the release is to need the source code?!!

If you do binary builds you are obligated to provide source code. That is a user right. Very legitimate to ask for it imo.

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Indeed but when accompanied by a frown, denoting complaint rather than request, it does IMO, rather illustrate something that shows a distinct lack of gratitude, not only for the hard work that must have gone into the project but also the very fact that it requires no cost or effort to produce, it does, at such an early stage and with clear lack of reasonable priority bring to mind a sense of entitlement that is not of the best of nature.

Well I would like to see the code too. We (the developers) have put hundreds of hours supporting every device we can and we always posted source code.

We are not always able to add support blindly without the hardware. Especially here when we talk about DVB drivers. It would be nice to see the code and include it into official CoreELEC.

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@Compent can you use the Dreambox tuner in CE and with Tvheadend?