DTS passtrough video ok, DST passtrough audio files = no sound.

I tried the stable version and I am now on the lastest Nightly

I have a LG TV 49UH668V, and a Sony ES2800 AVR.

I have passtrough enabled for DD and DTS.

When playing movies or watching live TV the passtrough works. DD and DTS both are detected by my AVR. But when I try to play an DTS WAV audio file nothing happens.

When i disable audio passtrough, the DTS WAV audio files play just fine.

I already read some articles, but all the settings are right I think…

I changed to Coreelec because the Odroid N2 isn’t supported, On the Wetek Play 2 with Libreelec, DTS audio files work just fine when Passtrough is selected.

Am I missing something??

Kind regards,


Currently PCM Passthrough is not supported on N2 using 4.9 kernel. You (and others including me) May have to wait for Kodi 19 with 5.3 kernel.

What’s with the 5.3 kernel stuff? Cut it out.

Just a guess as there’s been no word on a fix for 4.9 kernel.