Dual tuner Khadas vim2


Hi, I connected the second tuner to the following pins: “GPIOH_6”, “GPIOH_7”, “GPIOH_8”, “GPIOH_9” and GPIODV_13 and the i2c bus at I2C_SCK_A and I2C_SDA_A. Recognizes the tuner I have a signal but does not turn on the blue led.
What I’m wrong with and thank you.


Pinout for connecting second VTV board:

You have to use unified dvb driver (crazycat or dvb-latest) and gxm_kvim2_2vtv.dtb.
With dual tuner you can allow predictive tuning in tvh to have very fast channel zapping.
The unified driver is new, build with support for mainline linux. You have to use the latest CE 8.99.2, there have to be lock led correctly supported.


Thanks, so I connected but did not go “lock led” mention that I used CE 8.99.1, I will try with the last one.


Thank you, it works very well, it went with me with the CrazyCat middle driver.