Dumb Question?

I’m running Coreelec on an Odroid N2-how am I supposed to set the RTC?

Did you have RTC battery installed (needs to be purchased separately)? If so just connect N2 to the Internet and it will automatically set its time (might have to change your time zone under Kodi settings).

I have a battery installed and am trying to figure how to set the time manually like you can in say-linux. I don’t use it for anything but local playback off a hdd and it will never be hooked up to the internet. Is there some hidden setting in Coreelec that I’m missing? Thanks

If you are familiar with ssh and linux you can ssh into the device and use the hwclock and date commands to set the time manually.

To start you need to enable ssh: Settings > CoreELEC > Services > Enable SSH
The user is: root and default password is: coreelec (if you didn’t change it)

Then SSH into your device. (if you need the ip address of your device see Settings > System Information.)

Both the system and RTC time need to be set which order you do this in doesn’t really matter. Here is examples of both.

System time can be set first like so
date -s "05 DEC 2019 11:14:00"
Then set the RTC from the system time.
hwclock -w

Or if you prefer you can set the RTC first
hwclock --set --date="2019-12-05 11:45:05" --utc
Then sync the system time to the hardware clock.
hwclock -s

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