DVD ISO playback issue


I have an Odroid N2 preinstalled with CoreELEC 9.2.0 and I assume latest Kodi. I have BD and DVD ISO’s on an NFS share, and want to playback at native resolution , as I have an external video processor.

GUI is 1080p default, blank displays off. I whitelisted all resolutions apart from 4096 4k, including 480/576 DVD resolutions. Audio is set to HDMI and passthru. Player has adjust refresh rate on start/stop. I have left scaling as defaults.

BD playback from ISO is fine 1080p/24. No issues.
DVD playback just gets black screen, no sound, as if the display has lost connection. I have to power on/off.

If I disable the DVD resolutions in whitelist, the DVD ISOs playback in 1080p/50 or 60 without issue. But I don’t want Kodi to scale from native 480/576.

I also read that Kodi does not do interlaced so automatically deinterlaces, from 480i/576i which is why those resolutions do not display in whitelist. When I playback the DVD at 1080p successfully, the video info shows native 576i in the example I checked.

Any ideas on what can be done, and why the DVDs do not play at 480/576 resolution?