DVD Iso Problems

Firstly thank you for CoreELEC which I have upgraded to (from LibreELEC and Kodi). I am using the latest version 9.2.1 and have come across a problem with DVD iso. This seems to be replicated running Android Kodi 18.0-18.5 but didn’t exist with LibreELEC/Kodi 17.

When I watch a DVD iso and stop, I can resume playback at the correct spot if I don’t watch any other video in between. However if I watch a DVD iso and stop, then play another video (MKV, MP3) and then go back to the DVD iso, it offers the resume option but upon selecting it, it aways goes back to the DVD menu. Note I have selected the option of trying to skip to the DVD menu.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to correct ths.