Enable PWM on Odroid C2

I am looking for a way to enable control over PWM pins on Odroid C2 (I want to control PWM fan as C2 can get quite hot and even 5V Noctua on 3.3V is loud at absolute silence).
On Debian I was using pwm-meason and pwm-ctrl modules, but they are not available on CoreElec.

Is there any other way to do this despite compiling kernel myself with those modules included?
Or maybe those modules are excluded for a reason?

I really appreciate any help.

Have you removed the USB OTG jumper? There’s quite a bit of temp difference.

No, I did not even know that could change anything till know. I will give it a try.
And honestly If it lower temps to reasonable value I will feel like moron cause last few years I was running both my C2 actively cooled:)

However despite that I would still like to know if anybody has any idea how to run PWM because fans are not only usage for this.

No worries :slight_smile:
Actually I only stumbled on the info by chance back when. This will of course only work, if you don’t use USB power.