Enigma 2 client out of home

Hi there.

I have a s905x android tv with coreelec 9.0.1, and a vu zero 4k. I installed succesfully the addon enigma 2 client in my android tv (sd card) and in the same network, at home, I am able to stream smoothly from the dinning room (vu zero) to my bedroom (android tv with coreelec installed in sd card). the questions are…

did anyone success watching out of home, out of the home network? if so please could you tell me the proper setup in the addon? I have dual boot so I still mantain the oringinal android operating sistem in the nand and I am able to stream out of home with dreamdroid, but i didn’t success streaming with enigma 2 client.
I have a port forwarding for 80 and 8001 in my router but none of the combinations i set up in the addon came in success. it is strange because i can watch a film or a tv program that is recorded in my vu zero, and all the channels are loaded in the tv screen but on clicking a channel nothing happens and i can not watch that channel out of home. a bit of light please…thx

It is not a good idea to open router ports to the internet. I will tell you as an example that the number of malicious attacks and traces to my router in Spain in the last 12 hours has been 5000.

Not only do I recommend that there will be no ports to the Internet but that you install an efficient firewall on your router.

The best connection system to a home network from the internet is through a VPN, for example, OpenVPN. It can be activated in the router if it allows it (Asus, etc). CoreELEC allows this but I did not test it.

When I’m away from home, I always use OpenVPN to enter my PC, my network storage, and my CoreELEC-tvheadend TV server. It is a simple and safe way and my router has only one open port: the OpenVPN port.

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