Enigma2 Client does not work in is Standby mode

  • X96 - S905X 2/16
  • CoreELEC 8.95.2 (tested versions "nightly 20180915 relkai)
  • Add-on:VU+ / Enigma2 Client

After automatic updating to version 8.95.2 of CoreELEC, the PVR does not work. An error is visible in the log:

"ERROR: AddOnLog: VU+ / Enigma2 Client: SendSimpleCommand Error message from backend: ‘Cannot zap while device is in Standby’ "

If the SAT device turns on, everything is fully functional and hassle-free.Prior to updating the X96 / S905X system, the SAT device always worked in standby mode and Add-on: VU + / Enigma2 Client worked without errors.

Today, the client Enigma2 was updated to the latest version, the standby problem is still there.
On other machines (HTPC, RPi 2/3) with LibreELEC/Leia is all right.


I can confirm the bug and have the same issue, in the previous versions it was working. Please kindly fix it. Thank you!

Can I ask for a link to the previous PVR plugin for VU + Enigma2? Now I have and it still does not work, I want to test older on which everything worked.
Thank you!

Problem solved.
I installed a different operating system in the satellite box and the trouble in standby mode is gone. Interestingly, the original operating system worked with RPi and HTPC devices with LibreELEC without any problem.
After updating the addon “VU + / Enigma2 Client” in CoreELEC, S905x stopped responding to the SAT box in standby mode. The above image change (Enigma2) helped on the satellite device.

I apologize for my English, perhaps I made it clear :confused: