can I safely use entware to install NextPVR server?

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Here is the list of entware packages for CoreELEC. NextPVR is not there.

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bad news…

… but you can try to install NextPVR with Docker which is also supported by CoreELEC (install the Docker addon first and then follow the instructions in the NextPVR forum).

ok thanks ,I try

I have been able to install NextPVR on Docker. I have used the NextPVR version arm32v7 for Raspberry Pi 3 with some changes in the directories (instead of /home/pi I used /storage/nextpvr) and it seems that the server works but does not detect the tuners (possibly because they are being used by my tvheadend server), it doesn’t detect SAT> IP tuners either. I have finally uninstalled NextPVR.

(tested on S912)

thanks for getting interested in the topic and checking

I will look for an old laptop and try to install it on libreel before it breaks something in coreelec

v5 version is under development and there are probably some deficiencies and shortcomings
I don’t use any tuner, only iptv and this pvr next option is faster and much easier to configure & doesn’t lose 50% of the channels during mapping where every missing channel I have to manually add (just like tvheadend)

you can also use “sudo” on Raspberry, I probably won’t be able to use it, so I have to look for the right commands

it would be great if coreelec team wrote an addon such as TVHEADEND SERVER 4.2