EPG missing or empty failure


New here and have not been able to get my EPG data to load. Not sure if it’s a compatibility issue with my providers link


It’s works fine in Kodi 17.6 under the Android eMMC but not with CL 9.0 (1-09) nightly from SD. I knew something was wrong because under the eMMC boot the EPG data (172 channels) loads in about 10 seconds, but from CL it sits there at 0 for about 5min or so before it goes away with no indication it loaded anything. Log file has errors of “empty or missing” and I know that’s not true because I can paste my link to EPG in a browser and it loads. Also as of today even the channels will no longer play.

[log file:]deleted


Your log contains blacklisted addons. No support.
remove them first and upload fresh log

Additional: I deleted your log because it have some loging information
Possible you have some special symbols in your login/password
You can try on desktop version of Kodi 18, if the same situation, than possible addon issue


Sorry about that with the add on, I’ll remove it.

I edited the log file as instructions said to do so in regards to passwords. What I did was use notepad’s little “Replace” option so in all cases where my password was it was replaced with a “?”. I figured putting a character there in it’s place was a good idea, maybe not. With the new upload do you just want me to replace the password with a space? I wasn’t concerned with my email addy, that’s pretty readily available.


See additional information in personal messages.
If it not repeated on desktop Kodi Leia than return with fresh log without blacklisted addons. In any case it looks like addon issue.


question before I try Leia desktop. Can 17.6 and 18 co-exist? I realize I can change the install path but won’t the “user/appdata/roaming/kodi” be one in the same folder and over write it?


They use the same data folder. It’s better to make an backup first:


I suspected as much.

Here’s a log of a fresh clean install “no add ons” with the latest nightly until I can also test the desktop version. Still will not retrieve EPG data just sits at “0” for a good 5min or more then closes with nothing apparently loaded. Channel listing is all there…logos download…channel will not play. Channel list file loads in VLC player and plays just fine on my windows 7 desktop.

[log file]deleted


Please try to use this link in EPG (without :80)


I jumped at that idea…rid the port but sadly no change. I even cleared guide data when I mess with this stuff, especially when I discover a syntax in that long arse string. I triple checked it, even against my providers site again moments ago. Even when I pick a channel I’m use to the spinning circle coming up and the channel then begin to play…no spinning circle just the audible tone when you hit enter.

Think I should go back and test the Stable release as I mentioned in PM that might have been when I think this was working?


Ya know it makes perfect sense this is a port issue because the logos are defined in my local channel list file. Those download just fine and have no port number in the link string. The channels have a port number and will not play. My EPG logon string has a port number in it and won’t load…makes perfect sense. I going to test text editing a channel and remove the port number but then again if it didn’t work for my EPG logon might not here as well but worth a shot. Sounds like they require it to be present from what I’m testing.


Something seriously strange going on. So I took the port number out of the first 2 channels in my local channel list m3u file…then cleared all data…SOB is now playing. I even went down the list and picked a channel I knew I did not remove the port number and yet it also played. The other thing is that since the channel list was populating just fine I was only clearing guide data as that is what we were messing with. This time I used the upper most clear option that clears “ALL”…maybe that is what did it and something was stuck in the saved data. Only way to know is put those port numbers back and clear all data again and see what happens.


Glad to hear that you problem solved.
In any case you know a workaround way now.


Guess yesterday I reached my quota as a new user so could not inform you what occurred after a reboot, and “NO OTHER CHANGES”. IPTV broken again. EPG won’t load and channels no playing. Before proceeding on to any further system changes of any kind I wanted to see that it was still working after a reboot. I even tried to clear all data for channels and guide and still the same. I’m stumped but there is definitely some erratic behavior difference in IPTV going on. I even tried that removing port number from a channel trick in my .m3u file and that didn’t cure it. Seems you can get it to work on an initial clean install but once it breaks it stays broken.

One question I have. Under Kodi 17.6 IPTV setup installs and enables 2 videoplayer inputstreams that CE does not with Kodi 18. They are…
InputStream Adaptive
RTMP Input

Are these not needed?


Well I figured I spent allot of time after that reboot playing with settings to get IPTV back with no luck, and again I had made no changes to this clean install. I went ahead and installed those two videoplayer input streams and then did another clear all data…IT"S BACK AGAIN. With EPG guide as well. Loaded like a bat out of hell and I knew it works. So tried another reboot…still working. Were those two input the culprit? If so they’re not installed like they were in Kodi 17.6. Once I saw that difference I figured what the hell lets try it.


Make a Backup now, while it is working. This will, at least, give you a working setup to resore should it happen again. :wink:


Had I been on the ball that would have been smart. Sadly I tooled around for awhile, since it was working, and had the idea to reboot and see what happens. DEAD AGAIN! I’ve exhausted everything and I can’t keep IPTV running even under a complete clean install with nothing added but the IPTV Simple Client. If anyone has a suggestion of what’s happening I’m all ears. Going to try the stable release off CL and if that still behaves the same I have no choice but Kodi 17.6 as that IPTV service runs flawlessly, but under Android. Only options for 17.6 from SD is LE, second option before I give up.


After countless hours testing I just discovered something very strange. First off the 8.95.7 seems to be problem free so imo the issue resides in the nightly, but determination made me want to know what is triggering this broken IPTV in the nightly. When it breaks It seems to happen most times on a reboot after something triggered it from previous use. The strange thing is once it’s broken if I power off and then pop in an SD that has a known working IPTV and and then boot that up to a working IPTV…then power off and put the broken IPTV SD card in it comes back. I made no changes, just flipped what SD card I boot and it’s repaired. I’ve duplicated this behavior 3 times now. Is something getting written to the eMMC? That’s the only thing I can think may explain this behavior where the break and cure is in the boot process.


CoreELEC shouldn’t write anything to your eMMC when booted from an sd card.
Did you try different sd cards? Maybe it is just broken.


I would think not but I’m trying to come up with something logical why this is happening.

3 different cards being tested. When IPTV breaks as long as I power down…swap SD cards to a known card that IPTV last worked in…then power that down and boot the SD card that IPTV broke then IPTV will be working again right off the bat and I can see the PVR Manager now load the guide data. No changes being done just booting different cards. So how’s that make any sense it cures it? Not that I’d want to operate this way…I’m just trying to see what the heck is going on.