Error In Prepare_System

Hi All

We had a power cut and one of my MECOOL’s now shows this and cannot boot:

“Error in prepare_sysroot. mount_common: could not mount /dev/SYSTEM ***”

It then says its starting debugging shell but nothing happens after that.

Any way to fix and recover the install?


Sounds like your SD card is corrupted.
You can download the *.tar file for the version you used, extract the SYSTEM and KERNEL files from it.
Connect your SD card to the computer, rename the files you extracted according to the names on the SD and copy them over.
Then try booting CE again.

That sounds complicated as, I dont have a Linux system as well.

You don’t need a linux system. You can open the tar with winrar, probably 7zip too.
And the boot partition on the SD card is FAT, so you can do this on Windows.

Are you installed on internal?

Ah OK thought it would be on the linux partitions.

Its on a memory stick, a good quality one also.

Download the tar file, extract it and replace the files on your memory stick.


had this same issue moments ago. Followed this and worked like a dream. Thank you!