Extendedinfo script no youtube id found

this “Error no youtube id found” happens in both Mecool K1 Pro and in Odroid N2 when trying to launch a youtube video from extendedinfo script addon.
Any help please.

Latest nightly Coreelec installed in both devices.


Likely to be either a problem with script.extendedinfo or your skin (ie kodi rather than coreelec).
Do you know how to produce a debug log?

no, I dont. I use the defauly skin in Coreelec.

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Test this on PC or Android Kodi. Make sure you use Kodi 18.2 and the same addon version.
If it reproduces on PC then it’s a Kodi or Addon bug. It’s not very likely to be related to CE.

Tested on PC Kodi 18.2 and same addon version. Same problem.
Any help from kodi experts?

I’m not familiar with that addon, if it’s a Team Kodi addon you should open a bug at Kodi, if it’s a 3rd party addon, you’ll have to contact the addon developer.

There’s a support thread for the script on the kodi foorum but it’s not for users:
From the first post:

So head to the kodi forums and post in skin support / estuary. You’ll be asked for a debug log - easiest is probably from windows - check the kodi wiki for how to get / post it.
The idea is:

  • make sure your install is clean (no banned addons or your thread will be scrapped)
  • enable debug logging (see wiki)
  • reproduce the problem
  • post the log to a paste site
  • post on kodi forum
  • twiddle thumbs

Good luck.

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Thank you for the advises.
I have sorted the problem out.

It would be great if you could post your solution, that way if anyone else ever has the same problem, they can solve it by themselves using the search.

Yes, I agree. My solution is to replace, in the addon folder, the original “script.module.youtube.dl” with this; https://mega.nz/#F!jqw0xYLL-
Hope tha external links are allowed here.
Thank you.

hello please link thanks


I resolved the problem locally by replacing .kodi/addons/script.module.youtube.dl/lib/youtube_dl with the contents of https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/tree/master/youtube_dl.

I filed an issue on the addon’s github repository. https://github.com/ruuk/script.module.youtube.dl/issues/45 .

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Yes. Thanks