Extened partition user - SD


I had a SD with 8gb and clone to SD 32GB. All are ok. And now i wait to extend partition (user) to full (from 7GB to 31GB)

I try to extent with Minitools wizard (windows app), but could not resize partition user (Primary format ext4)

Any addons ? Any idea ?

Thnaks you

If you cannot resize user partition, then when CE boots from 8GB card make a backup using the option in Coreelec Configuration -> System. Transfer this file from storage/backup to some USB stick.
Make a fresh install to 32GB uSD card, which will properly resize user partition, and after it finishes booting restore (again from Coreelec Configuration) your safely stored backup file.
Everything will be as before with full size of user partition…

I might be wrong, but if you are using minitools via windows, it won’t work cos windows doesn’t recognise ext4.

My suggestion is use a bootable gparted, usb stick. Something like Pendrive linux.


Thanks for your words.

I make a backup, and reinstall coreelec (CoreELEC Installation from SD/TF Card Tutorial For Beelink GT-King /GT-King Pro - China Gadgets Reviews). After i restored a backup, and all are ok!!!

Mi machine is a Beelink king-GT.

Thank you

No problem. I use minitools and Rufu to install Corelect and all were ok.

Thanks you

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