External hard drives not showing up anymore

I have Beelink GT1 with coreeelec installed on a 32gb micro sd

Been enjoying / using coreelec a lot with my usb hard drives plugged into beelink gt1 everything worked perfect until not too long ago all of a sudden when my usb hard drives would no longer show in coreelec but they were working for months previously with it and the hard drives have 0 issues on my other devices.
Not sure what caused this as I never done anything different personally within coreelec.
One strange thing is if I unplug a usb hard drive i would get the notification of it being unmounted successfully but yet it did not show first place

any advice / help on how to sort this issue would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Does it work in Android on the GT1?
Try a different USB port. If something just randomly stopped working, without you changing anything, it’s likely an issue with your box. (if the drive still works with other devices)

Hi thanks for your reply.
When I tried them in android none still showed up but a usb symbol appeared and when I clicked on it, it showed a notification that says the hard drive is corrupted (happens on all) click here to fix when I did it asked me to format it as internal or portable storage which of course I don’t want to do.

I don’t get any errors using the hard drives on any other devices.
Is there a way to fix this error without formatting the hard drive in android?
Thanks again.

I vaguely remember having this issue a long time ago using LE.
From what i remember i fixed this problem by plugging the hard drive into my Mac and deleting the Android folder.

Thanks very much
I managed to fix the issue with one of my usb hard drives it had a lost dir folder which i deleted and worked fine after that but problem is that my other two usb hard drives did not have that folder
but had .unwanted and msdownld,tmp i tried deleting them but did not fix the issue and theres nothing else that i can delete. (was able to see hidden files and folders)

Not sure what to do tried searching but I’m not finding anything else that i could try.

If the drives are formatted in any Windows recognizable format, then when drive is connected and recognized in Windows, in “My computer” right click on the drive, choose “Properties” then open “Tools” tab and choose “Error checking” -> Check -> Scan drive. If errors are found choose “Repair drive” to fix them.

Tried that no errors were found