Ferguson Ariva 4K issues

Hello Everyone,

It’s my first post here and I’m not so much experienced with Coreelec - so pls for a minimal understanding :-).
Coreelec stable build installed on SD and generally working good. But there is a few inconveniances/issues that I’d like to try to improve. Any help, tip, pointing how to dig will be highly appreciated.
It’s mix of hardware and software problems. I was not very sure should I write it all in one topic or separately… I gues you’ll tell me ;).
To remind, hardware configuration is S905 with 1G RAM.

  • when the device is in standby mode there is a dark red LED enlighted. When I turn it on the LED gets less dark but still red. In poor light condition it’s hard to tell is it still sleeping or woke up. The device has also blue LED which is originally used to point the device is woke up.
    How can I change it? Manually editing something in the tree or download the git and play with compilating? Or someone can help me preparing new tree?
  • I use radio controller. Everything great until the device is not turn to standby, then no possibility to wake it up other way than IR. So I need keep another controller only to turn on the device, little sick. Power on USB is turned off in every turn off modes. Is there any chance to treat it?
  • DVBT tuner. I gave up with internal tuner and connected Mygica Geniatech T203. Almost not possible to use it because of thousands communcation errors visible through the web viewer. It means it’s very hard to succesfully initiate the streaming but when luckily get it done the streaming goes perfectly. No this issue when tvheadend server is established on other device.
  • Netflix. Works 1280x720 properly. But quite often I get only rotation circle and the streaming is not starting (title of the movie is shown on the top “bar”). It’s probably endless rotation, never been so pationt to wait it’s finished. But when I press STOP and RETURN few times the Kodi restarts to the main menu without any error messages. After few tries I get the streaming working. It’s accidental, sometimes I can start six scenes one by one starting properly but not the next. And after few tries it also starts normally.
    An effect like that never occurs on other and non-encrypted streamings.

I wonder it these last two problems may be related to the Coreelec instalation on the SD (even if it is 10 category) or 1G RAM only? Is this worth to move instalation to internal ROM?