Flash firmware in M96X II Mini


I have a M96X II Mini device, I try to upgrade from LibreELEC to CoreELEC but it stop in the boot image.

I try to flash a stock Android firmware but I get this error:

Someone could help with this?

Kind regards.

We do state that upgrading from LibreELEC to CoreELEC is not possible.

Any way, I have never seen this error, are you sure you are using the correct image?



I copy the “license” folder for other ISB Burning Tool and it works.

Anyway, there is a problem with CoreELEC DTB file for this device (gxl_p212_2g_nand.dtb). It doesn’t boot.

I replace with kszaq’s file and it works: https://kszaq.libreelec.tv/s905/8.2/device_trees/S905X/gxl_p212_2g_nand.dtb

Could I report it in the github?

Kind regards.

DO NOT! mix files from other distributions, it is crap like this that has us scratching our heads when you come to us and tell us something doesn’t work because of something stupid like this that you have done.

If you use kszaq files then you will have no infra-red and your DTB will not automatically update.

Also this is the wrong file to use, you should be using gxl_p212_2g.

Thanka adam!

I will try with gxl_p212_2g.dtb instead gxl_p212_2g_nand.dtb.

How could I install the DTB without go to Android stock and execute “reboot update”?

Thanks for your help.


Is this for internal or sdcard?

It is for internal.

OK adamg,

By the way, I got it working with gxl_p212_2g.dtb file, thanks!

Glad to hear you got it working :+1: