Flashing Odroid N2

Can someone point me to a guide, sorry if its obvious. Is flashing device independent since I am just flashing an SD card?

I am looking at getting the Odroid N2, but might not get the preinstalled CoreElec bundle.

Do I just need any sort of SD card reader to do the flashing. Also how big of a deal is SD vs eMMC. Will I regret not going eMMC soon?

If you buy this then you can install CE on emmc same way as you install on a microSD card.
With a fast card you can use the N2.
The speed difference only visible for me during the updates.

Thanks, so if I was to buy some eMMC I need to get the linux version to install CoreElec on? And can I just flash two different OS’s (CoreElec and Android) and just simply swap out the SD cards (or eMMC)?

Looks like there is a boot selector switch? So I could have CoreElec on a micro sd and switch over to Android on an eMMC? Am I on the right track here?

Preinstalled OS on eMMC is not the matter when you make an order if you will flash CE on eMMC. But if you are planning to use Android, please purchase Android preinstalled eMMC and uSD for CE. You can boot Android from eMMC or CE from uSD. The boot select switch will give you another OS, Petitboot, which will make you select an OS to boot.

Ok thank you for the help. The android version is just the standard OS right? I was wanting to run Android TV. So if I did buy the eMMC I would just need to flash to a different Rom?

You can flash any OS built for ODROID-N2 to eMMC and since the form factor of eMMC module itself is not standard in the industry, you would need to purchase eMMC reader. Or you can flash an image on ODROID-N2 itself as well.

Does this mean flash it without a reader while the emmc module is in the odroid?

Let me ask you this, if I bought the coreelec bundle that comes pre flashed on an SD. Would the easiest way to dual boot be to have android on an emmc? That way I am not pulling out cards they can both stay in the system?

You don’t need to pull out the uSD in order to switch from Android to CE or vice versa. Only you will need is to flip the boot select switch to SPI to run Petitboot and it will give you the boot menus from uSD and eMMC.

Excellent, thank you for your work and that write up!

No problem, just make sure that you may need to update SPI flash memory once you receive ODROID-N2. Please ping me or visit the link in case you have a difficulty to use Petitboot.

Ok so I need to update it. I am a linux noob and any sort of comand line/scripting is Greek to me.But I am willing to learn.

I have a very similar question.
I had Android on my eMMC, then i flashed corelec on the eMMC.
I do not have a usb adapter for the eMMC. How can i flash another OS on the eMMC without an adapter.

Didn’t want to start a new thread here, but asked the same question on odroid forum as well.
flash eMMC

Basically, i dont have eMMC to SD/USB adapter. But I want to play around with flashing Android/Linux on the eMMC and back to coreelec.
Would appreciate any help.

Currently i can boot coreelec from both eMMC or SD card. And i am decently comfortable with following linux commands and SSH :stuck_out_tongue: