Flickering 4k playback with YouTube Add-on

Hey guys,

I am using the official YouTube add-on 6.5.1 together with InputStream Adaptive on an Odroid N2 running CE 9.2.0.

When I set the resolution to 4k and start a video the image is distorted and the menus are flickering.

When I set the resolution to 1440p or 1080p everything is streaming perfectly fine.

Does anybody know what I need to do to get 4k running?


If the OSD is hidden, does it play OK?

No the image is also flickering when OSD is hidden unfortunately.

Is this with 30 or 60FPS content?

I just tested both and no matter if the content is 30fps or 60fps the image is flickering when the video quality is set to 2160p.

Additionally I tried to limit to 30fps but the flickering problem remains.

Please try 24P content. There is a possible issue, but we can mostly see it reproduced when GUI is at 4K@60P. It switches to 60P for 30FPS content too, that’s why I’d like to know how 24P behaves.

me too, when I play content at 4k60p. setting to 4k30p no problems. I have a mecool ki pro.

Most of the 4k tv has built-in youtube app which works much better then any yt addon in CE.
If you want HDR10, HLG or DV on yt then the tv is your only choice.

This only affects newer devices running the -NG builds.

I don’t know, but the 4k60p video is out of sync and slow.

Yes, i have Samsung smart tv YouTube application and running smooth,but i prefer coreelec.

Out of sync and slow has nothing to do with the problem OP has.

I just tried a 2160p24 video and it plays back perfectly fine!

My GUI is always on 1080p60.

I have the YouTube app on my Sony Smart TV of course but I much more prefer CE on my N2. I don’t need HDR10 etc.

Is there a way I can get the 2160p30 and 2160p60 content to work as well? Thank you so far!