Force 25/50Hz on Odroid N2?

I recently purchased a TCL 75R635:because my old Vizio died. At first 25/50Hz worked fine (TV even showed it was outputting 25Hz) but apparently my new TV doesn’t have 25/50 in the EDID so I guess the option disappeared after a reboot. Is there any way I can add 1080p and 4k 25/50Hz to the list of available resolutions?

Your TV should work with the refresh rates
Specs on the TCL website reads

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)
VRR/120Hz (Variable refresh rate from 48Hz to 120 Hz)

Check your settings.
Get rid of any whitelist and make sure adjust refresh rate is enabled.

25/50Hz isn’t part of TCL’s EDID so I need to add it as a custom resolution. I know it works because I created a custom resolution on my PC and it was in the settings when I moved the Odroid N2 from the Vizio to the TCL.

I don’t know why TCL decided not to make 25/50Hz available in North America, all the other 4k TVs I have support it.

Edit- I figured it out by creating a new disp_cap file.

It annoys me that TCL sells these TVs worldwide yet for some reason they decided to disable these standard refresh rates in the EDID, which means I can’t switch my TV boxes like Nvidia Shield to 25/50Hz for UK content.

You should probably use disp_add instead of disp_cap.

What’s the difference?

Vizio had the same issue at one point in time. I think when they went from v2.x to v3.x of their firmware, they removed the 25\50\100Hz modes from EDID.
After an outcry by the users, these modes were restored by Vizio in one of the next updates.

disp_add will only add the listed modes to the EDID read from the display, when you define disp_cap, it will always be used, even if you connect the box to a completely different display.

Thanks. Yeah, I already complained to TCL about it and they only said something to the effect that they’ll “consider adding it sometime in the future”. Still, it seems to easy to add 25/50Hz back to the EDID, considering the TV must support it in other regions where they sell the TV. They purposely removed it in North America.

Well, with disp_cap 25/50Hz works fine at 1080p/2160p, so I’m all set. I’m still considering returning the TV for another Vizio or a Sony. There is so much good UK streaming content now, and it really bugs me the TV just can’t display it properly from any device other than my Odroid N2 running Coreelec.

Plus I can’t get the TV to work with my 2080Ti’s HDMI output, so no VRR, which is part of the reason I bought the TV to begin with.

Seems like you should take it back if it wont do what you want, or if that’s not an option reflash it with EU firmware

I have it scheduled for a Best Buy pickup next week. The picture is good but unfortunately it just has too many issues.

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That’s the problem with some brands, they are only as good as the tech support / updates.

There aren’t a lot of issues in this price range. If I go with Vizio I am going to have similar issues- but I have my eye on the 85" Quantum X. It’s on sale right now and it’s one of the best TVs on Rtings right now for that money. I know Vizio is only so-so with firmware updates and HDMI 2.1 is still in its infancy so it can be spotty.

Your call, but from the reviews I have read about Vizio the Samsung’s tend to out perform them in tests and are around the same price point. I’m keeping my eyes open myself as my LG is hitting its lifespan this year. Got my eye on this one

Don’t know if you have come across Richer Sounds its a British site so ignore the prices but it is damn good for reviews and “cherry picking” some of the best deals out there. So its worth a look and then search for the model numbers online to get the US prices etc.

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