Frequent random rebooting of A95x (S905x) - Solved

I wanted to share my reboot solution with the rest of the community in the hopes that it might stop someone else from going bald.
After I ripped out all my hair trying to figure out why my A95x would randomly reboot I hit upon the solution.
Everyone blames the poor ventilation of these boxes for the reboot issues.
In my case the heat sink was barely warm to the touch, so I gave up on that idea.
I found another issue.

Turns out that the generic 5v 2amp power supply these things ship with is junk and/or underrated for the power needs of these devices (probably both).
I swapped it out with a 5v 3amp one I had from another project, and all of the random reboots stopped.

The lesson here is try another power supply before you trash your box.
It may not be able to meet the power demands because their production was sold to the lowest bidder who just put a 2amp sticker on a .5amp power supply.


Thanks for the headsup…

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