Future purchase questions

Hi, soon I wanted to buy this Odroid N2 card, I wanted to know from you that maybe you already have the difference with the Odroid C2 leaving out the 4k, for example the network speed both via LAN cable and wifi, as it behaves with h265 files full hd, how it works with audio codecs (I have a YAMAHA receiver with HDMI output), and finally with the IPTV streaming, is there a difference with the Odroid C2? CoreELEC also exists for this platform or you have to download the ODROID C2 version, I saw in the download page there are several versions but there is not the one for ODROID N2. Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the slowness but before proceeding with the purchase

Additional Information (not answering your questions) for potential buyers in (and around) germany.
pollin.at / pollin.de currently offers the N2-2GB for 79,95 € which is cheaper than the direct import from south korea (including all additional cost factors).


Coreelec for the n2 is still in nightly stage, ie there is currently no stable build for it. Hence not on the download page.

I have a n2, s912 and a s905x. And the n2 is definitely the best of the bunch. The gui is fluid and it’s breezes through large libraries.

The nightly builds for the n2 seem pretty rock solid and it plays back every thing I’ve thrown at it with ease.
I believe there will be a stable release for it shortly.

The n2 doesn’t have WiFi built it but does feature gigabit lan, or you can add a wireless usb dongle.

It will pass through all audio and hd-audio formats to your av receiver, I also use a Yamaha one.

Hope that helps.


Working great for me as well. Though I’m only using my N2 to play network media at this point, no TVHeadend or IPTV. I also use an AVR and I’m really happy with the passthru function.

The nightlies have not given me any trouble. They seem to do a good job of quality control with them at least as far as I’ve experienced.

We are planning on a stable. But for that we need to feature freeze it a bit and test a few days.

I think frankly if you are happy with the C2 keep it. If you need HDR it could be considered. I have fully switched to the N2 and I am very happy. Nonetheless you should decide it for yourself.

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I think of moving the C2 to my room and using N2 in the tavern where I installed a projector with a 240 * 140 screen, I wired everything up and it works well with C2 but I wanted to make a leap in quality with N2