Green screen flashing while playback of live tv or recordings

Hi all,
I recently installed CoreELEC 9.0.1 on my Abox A1 MAX tv box and installed the TVHeadend addon. I’m using it with an HDHomerun Extend tuner. The problem is that when we are looking at live TV or a recording, sometimes we have a green screen as seen on the picture

I’m using the DTB: gxl_p281_2g_a95xr2 as recommended on the download page. I activated the debug mode and uploaded the file. See:

I tested reading the files with my laptop and I don’t have any issue.

Has anyone experienced this problem?
See the video:

Thank you for your help!

try a different HDMI cable

Amlogic S905W ???

System / System settings / CoreELEC / Disable deinterlacing Turn it ON

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Yes it is S905W processor. I turned it off. I’ll test it tonight and let you know if everything’s running fine.

Changing the cable didn’t change anything.

@kostaman for now everything is working fine. All the tests I’ve done passed. A big big thank for this!

Hum after some testing, I still got the problem. Is someone have any advice?