Gt King Coreelec samsung smart remote

Hi guys. I have one problem here that i cant solve for a month… my Q70R smart remote works fine over IR while android is booted… but suddenly when i boot CoreELEC it doesnt work. Have anyone solved this problem here? I had also problem with turning on and off with gtkings remote while in CoreELEC but i solved it by placing remote.conf file on the root. I use latest CoreELEC and also updated ANDROID. I would be really thankfull for solution :slight_smile: BTW: i dont want to use CEC… i hate it

Try copying the remote.conf to storage\.config

It has nothing to do with my samsung remote… like i said my samsung remote works perfectly on android but when i switch to coreelec it doesnt work

I dont get why the tv remote works in android but not in coreelec (gtkings remote works on both systems)

I THINK, you can’t have two different remote confs working at the same time in CE.

Some time ago in the LE forum, I found what could be the answer. To add a second remote copy second remote to storage\.config renaming to remotesecond.conf
But, I think you need to create the remote conf for the tv.

from NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester) there is a document to create remote conf from scratch, (yes it is convoluted)

As to why the gtking remote works in CE, I suppose a developer built it into the CE image, but as there are too many tv’s they can’t build it into images.

Im going to try to create it in the evening… so basically all the ir signal from the remote will be caught on the box…all i need is ti write them down and create those files?

I don’t think it’s as simple as that. Read this

Is there another way? Like extracting that remote file from android and replace it into coreelec?

I don’t know, try it, but don’t delete the old files

CoreELEC:~ # ir-keytable -t
/sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory
No devices found

where is the problem?
/edit/ i have also changed the dtb.img
/edit2/ so i booted back to android… set up my remote from tv and took out the usb dongle for remote from gt king… the tv remote works… does gtking have ir inside or does the signal go trough hdmi? (Btw hdmicec is turned off on both devices)… if its possible on android it has to be on coreelec as well

guys…finally made it work using this tutorial HERE…downloaded gt1 config… and then it started to work… if u gonna have problem u can try to map buttons by using the universal remote setup

So,you didn’t go to the link I posted? I got the files & instructions from the link you posted.

Anyway, as long as it’s now working

i was struggling with it…so i reinstalled the CE… nw with using inject bl301 i have problem to wake up from suspended