Gt king ii android install

With the constant reboots on this devices stock firmware I installed the ne build to internal emmc, does anyone know if there is a way to install the beta f/w that @crazyturk gave a link to in another thread? With no recovery menu accessible is this even possible? Thanks

Beellink have links on how to reflash their Android img on the device web page. Because @crazyturk stated this doesn’t fix Dolby issues I haven’t bothered. I assume reflashing Android will overwrite ne too so backup if you need too, and maybe stick with CE on SD card for now.

IMO this device is a waste of money at this point and since Beelink can’t get their Android into better shape the S905x4 is better option. CE T7 is still work in progress too, but what the team have so far cannot be overlooked.

Installation will be made with aml_burn_tool.The original (03po) is better than the software.At least videos are more fluent

I use R0 which came on mine which I assume is newer then P0 and they also provided a link to it on the forum too.

Thanks for the info I will head over to the beelink forum.

There is a Version 003PO software on the support pages.They also sent a software version 003R0 with mail.
There are the same mistakes in both versions.002RO beta is better than both versions.

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