Gui/playback 4k

Mecool m8 l pro s912
LG c9 TV

Just upgraded TV to lg c9.

Have all settings for coreelec set up as recommended.

When playing a 4k HDR file, the TV flashes up HDR and the picture looks great. However if I get the TV info screen up it reports that it is showing 1080p bt2020.

720p,1080p,4k vids all show as 1080p.
In the whitelist (everything deselected) 4k resolutions are not listed.

I cannot select 4k GUI ( I know you’re supposed to leave it at 1080p)

Box is connected directly to TV with sound being passed via a different HDMI to my avr.

Reboot to android and Res automatically changed to 4k (was on a 1080p TV previously).

Installed android Kodi with settings as per coreelec recommended.

Now all vids, 720,1080,4k all show as playing in 4k.
Within android, playback doesn’t look as smooth (probably because it’s not switching refresh rate-new TV does not display refresh rate.
Also some of audio formats will not pass through to avr.

I have seen the other LG 4k playback thread but didn’t really want to thread hijack as I have already proved hdmi cable is ok by booting to android.

Trying to figure out whether it’s a coreelec or a TV issue.

Previous Panasonic plasma, switched resolution/refresh perfectly.
Gui at 1080/60
Vids at 1080/24 or 720/24 or at 50hz if it was some British filmed TV show.

Any ideas?

4K GUI would definitely result in a very poor experience on S912.

Have you checked your whitelist? make sure it is empty.

I gathered 4k GUI is a bad idea, not that I have the option anyway.
Whitelist is empty. ( The only resolution’s listed are HD).

I’m gonna try it all with OH’s laptop connected to TV via hdmi and see if TV reports correct resolution then.

Used laptop and that behaves same as box running Android.

(windows desktop set to 2160p and Kodi gui set to 1080p)
All vids720/1080/2160 and gui show as 2160p on TV

Windows desktop and Kodi gui set to 1080p
Gui shows as 1080p, all vids 720,1080 and 2160 show as 2160.

At least I know the TV will accept a 2160p input, all I need to do now is make the s912 give it one!

You didn’t happen to create a /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap file when using the old TV did you. Since that overrides the modes advertised by the display.

Can you ssh into the device and run dispinfo and post the link it provides here, so that we can take a look at what is happening.

Bear with me

HDR makes the laptop sound like a Dyson lol!

Link is

So EDID information from the display looks good.

You do however have a /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap that is limiting available video modes.

If you delete the /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap file then kodi will be able to see all the video modes that the display is advertising as being supported.

Can’t remember doing that!
Can I do that via SSH?

yes. ssh in and do the following to delete the file

rm /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap


Done, didnt make a difference, I’ll reboot and try a 4k movie

Thank you very much.

Weird how TV shows all movies as 2160p regardless of coreelec,android or win10…
Gui reports correctly at 1080p.

Thanks again.