[Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs

Absolut not affect to CE installation.
I have no idea from where coming these infos.
You can anytime boot into android, or back to CoreElec.

I’ll ask the question again, I’m sure I asked it wrong.
To redo the installation as per the new Ugoos BOX, once Coreelec is installed, what are the steps to follow?
How can I clean it up as if it were a new Box?

Settings → CoreELEC Settings → System → Reset to Defaults → Reset CoreELEC to defaults

ThanK you :grinning:

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I am continuing my remote journey… I have written in the Remotes section, but if anybody with experience with a custom remote.conf file would be so kind as to chime in there, I’d appreciate it.

Reason for all of this is that I come from an HTPC, with many more buttons than available on the factory remote and I feel… handicapped (without wanting to offend anyone).

i have a question about sony tv
my am6b plus directly conect in my sony 95k hdmi4(hdmi 2.1 with dolby vision),use tv led,my sony a5000 soundbar directly connect in tv’s hdmi3(earc)
so all my ce passthrough sound goes well, in soundbar display can saw dolby truehd and dtsma hd
but in tv’s display can only saw 16:9 dolby vision(or hdr10),but no sound format
anybody with me?

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I don’t understand what you are saying here. Sorry.

TV won’t display the sound format, only your sound device will (My AV amp displays the sound format but NOT the video format and visa versa for my TV)

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I noticed that the video resolution always adjusts when the power is turned on.
For example, if I turn on the Box first and then the projector, the video resolution is initially 720p.
Is it possible to fix it to the chosen resolution?

the correct order for handshakes tv/projector, avr, box

Hello. Just got am6b+, installed latest nightly build on it, and now I’m having issues with audio passthrough. It’s connected to samsung hw-q990c directly, using the cable that came with the soundbar (it was working fine when i was using it with just tv and soundbar). TV is connected with some random cable to the soundbar, but I don’t believe it should matter. Testing by playing files directly from smb share.

First weirdness - i don’t see any toggles or anything under “allow passthrough”. Am I looking in the correct place? As a result of that, only AC3 seems to be passing through (soundbar reports it as Dolby Digital). DTS, DD+, Dolby Atmos are seemingly getting converted (reported as stereo PCM or multi channel PCM).
Second. If I choose HDMI (not multi ch PCM) as output device with anything other than 2.0, sound compeltely breaks for all content that is not passing through. Choosing HDMI multi ch PCM with any channel config sends exactly that to the soundbar, unless it’s AC3 (which is passing through).

So i guess the main question is why I can’t choose what to pass through. And is there any way to force them to be on.

UPD. Here is a snippet from startup logs

UPD2. Tested using stock android firmware. At least some variations of atmos passthrough work. So it’s not an issue with hardware.

UPD3. Figured out that those toggles are only visible if you enable advanced settings. Keeping the post for anyone who gets similarly confused.

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If you want to help with 3D development, there is a test image with 3D support for MKV. It would be really helpful if you could install this to a spare SDcard or USB stick to test it.

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If I only use the pendrive method ( UPGRADE MODE) and don’t use the dual boot option, how can I boot the default Ugoos Android system? Just plug off the pendrive?

Yes, and if you are in CE than use Power option “Reboot from eMMC”. When you then reboot from Android, box will boot again to CE…

So I don’t need to re-install the default ugoos system?

No, as far as I understand, the installation process basically modifies the device to first try booting from the pen drive and then, if that fails, resume normal booting. Nothing is deleted or destroyed.

Just received my AM6b+ but when powering on the green light in between the Ugoos logo on the box just blinks green and no HDMI signal is output. Have I received a dud? I have tried different HDMI ports on my LG C3 and different HDMI cables. No dice.

Are all yuor USB ports and uSD port empty? If not unplug it from power, take everything out and try again.

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