[Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs

It’s that simple. I’ve built a few of these for friends and family and I just keep a pre-configured microSD card around. Takes me about 15min to get any new box up and running.

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Wiki says to use ‘copy’ not ‘backup’ to copy emmc to usb key.

Which on is correct?

Are we able to add a STOP button/option when playing a movie via BDMV folders? No matter what I do or try, there’s no way to stop a movie except two options: Either turn off the device or play another movie. It is really lacking in BDMV support in addition to the audio sync issue via BDMV folder. Please implement better menu/bdmv support as its got a long long long way to go still.

As you asked so kindly we’ll do it in a minute.


wow! my second amb6+ should come these days that could be a real help!!

many thanks!!

besides I have to Google again the ssh things and how to do that with a blank box just a lan cable in?

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Hello! Is anyone also facing troubles trying to play non Dolby Vision content (like pure HDR or SDR videos/movies)? Every 5-8 seconds my TV blinks a black screen or the sound disappears for 2 seconds and then the image/sound returns, and this pattern continues over and over until I stop the video/movie (which is pretty annoying).

Playing Dolby Vision content works as expected. Does anyone knows what could it be?

My setup:
Sony TV with input port (HDMI) configured with dolby vision compatibility with am6b+ box playing dolby vision content perfectly but with issues using pure HDR/SDR content.

Just set up mine a few hours ago and everything is working great, DV, HDR, SDR whatever I throw at it. It’s hooked up directly to an LG C3 and sound is through eARC to a receiver. Have you tried a different HDMI cable? I bought a quality one instead of using the packaged one.

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Check your Kodi settings:

Disable: Sync Playback to Display
Enable: Adjust Refreshrate to match video

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This option does not exist any more in CE 21 nightlies.

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Hey dude, you nailed it! I replaced the default HDMI cable that came with the box and now it works perfectly!! There was no need to do any additional setting. I forgot to say that my AM6+ box is connected to my soundbar, and at the same time my soundbar is connected to my TV (just for reference if someone is dealing with the same issue). Thanks for helping me out guys!!!

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Awesome buddy! Glad it was an easy and inexpensive fix :slight_smile:

I am not sure if you are serious or not but here’s hoping you actually are implementing it sometime soon, if so, thank you a millions in advance!

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So what improvements/features does the 6/19 nightly build include specifically? The release notes don’t make much sense to me.

Thanks in advance!

I’m completely new and trying to set up an AM6b+ with CoreELEC primarily for watching Plex. I followed the instructions and it installed and booted into CoreELEC just fine. Once inside, I cannot log into or even launch any kodi add-ons, including plex. It says to look at the log and there nothing in the log except that Koki launched successfully.
I tried to reset to defaults but both soft and hard reset do nothing, it says it must reboot but it never does and if I do manually nothing changes. I tried repeating the process of installing CoreELEC and all is the same as it was.

I’m quite sure I am doing something wrong but all the guides stop at getting CoreELEC installed and all Kodi instructions just say to install the plugin. I don’t know what else to try. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

This is a simple, solid step by step to get things running.


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How do i make the Ugoos AM6B+ output 422 instead of 444 in hdr10? I read that 422 is preferable for my sony tv.

I have a Sony TV, can you point me to the article on this?