H27UCG8T2ETR-BC (NAND) not suppored?

I recently acquired an old stock MXQ Pro 4K box with the S905X soc. It boots up CE just fine, but installtointernal does not work because /dev/boot, amondst others, is missing. I think this is due to the fact that the NAND chip that this box contains is not supported. I tried both the normal gxl_p212 dtb file and the nand version. With the version CE boots fine, but with the latter it doesn’t.

Just wondering if this is a known issue. Since this NAND chip has been around for some time now I expected it would be supported, but alas. Or is there somehting else I can try?

There is no support , might brick the box - better use SD card

I’m not afraid at all of bricking the box because installtoinernal refuses to run (no wonder when /dev/boot etc. are missing) :slight_smile:

Pity, though, that this particular NAND chip is not supported.

run it from sd

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