H96 MAX freezing

Hello, have strange problem with this box. Tried multiple night ng generic versions. Used g12a_s905x2_4g.dtb. Skin Confluence. Tried to run from SD and NAND (ceemc). This box always freezes for a few seconds every few minutes. If this would be PC I would say HDD or CPU is at 100%.
It does this problem even after clean install without any addons. Working via HDMI CEC (remote not configured).
The higher resolution the worst problem. Tried multiple HDMI cables and TVs.
Tried to change Settings > CoreElec > Hardware > Performance to “ondemand”. Nothing helpded.
Any idea or where to search in log? Thanks

You didn’t try another power supply yet.

In fact I did, but the same power…so maybe I should try more Ampere…

Also since it freezes so often, check CPU state if it hits 100%, and check CPU temperature when it starts freezing.

CPU is not at high values. One of cores (4) goes up to 30% for a seconf if idle. All cores together are about 30% max while playing. Temp is 42°C idle. Under 50° if playing.

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