H96 pro+ no ethernet and random resets



I have a H96 Pro+ 2gb 16gb.

Ive just dine a fresh install of CoreElec and all seemed fine but I have no ethernet connection. Only WiFi.
Any ideas? If I reboot into android the ethernet connection is picked up again.

I’ve done the obvious stuff such as going and checking it’s turned on inside kodi but still no joy.

Also, every couple of mins, even if it is idle it freezes for a couple of seconds and then kicks me back to the main kodi menu without warning.

Again, any ideas.
I’ve used the only device tree which exactly matches my box etc unless there is a non gigabyte ethernet version of my box which isn’t in the device tree folder. Maybe I could try the non plus version??

Any help would be appreciated


You already made a post about this issue here.

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