H96max S905x2 UHD Resolution yields BLACK scren

I have a Vizio UHD Monitor. The 4096x2160 works fine on my T95N with a S905 chip. Now i know why i got a black screen when i attempted to restore my KODI from my T95N.

I can select 3840x2160 and that works. But, if i select 4096x2160 I get just a black screen, and it reverts back to the working resolution.

are there other Config options to check change?

Is there are 50hz or 60hz option for 4096x2160? I’m suspecting that has something to do with it?

Whats the model of the monitor because as far as I can tell Vizio don’t make a monitor with a 4096x2160 resolution.

Well, I switched to the 3840 resolution. I guess that is the standard 4k resolution. It just threw me off because the T95N works in that resolution.

I am having a second issue. Every time i go to play a video, it blacks out the screen, and i have to power cycle the unit. If i switch to 1080p then the videos play fine…

Okay, i was able to remember the key strokes to stop a video. I started a video, it went to black screen, as if the TV didnt support the setting. I got it to stop the video, and KODI gui returned. It doesn’t matter what resolution the video is, the result is the same.

It is currently setup to use 3840x2160 and i’ve tried both 59 and 60 refresh rates.