Hard Reset Not Working!

Yes the wows continue with my T95MAX+ as Wifi is a continuing problem and the CoreElec addon often crashes when trying to sort out the Wifi. I attempted a hard restore now I have a full backup, that’s everything images, library addons etc. So the hard reset doesn’t work hence why I’m going back to square one! Nightmare!!!

Will attempt a clean install but can I overwrite my internal CE install when I set up a new SD card install or should I delete it first? Will start setting up a new SD card install anyway as that will take a while.

EDIT: The original SD install which was moved to internal is still available and I’ve managed to hard reset it so I’ll see where I end up!

OK reset original CE SD and moved to internal (dual boot) and then reinstalled my backup and so far so good. Will need to test and if still knackered will do the same but not use the backup and just download all my library pix again!!!

OK to be sure, to be sure! I’m going to let the box cool down, was getting to about 58c, and the try doing a hard reset from my new install to internal. Why? Well I did a backup of only my library and thumbs so if I can hard reset CE from internal this time the backup should only contain the library and nothing else that could cause problems.

So everything seemed OK but as said just to be sure I’ll clean everything up as much as possible. So will try the hard reset and then install just the library and fingers crossed it’s as good as it’s going to get!

EDIT: No hard reset won’t work from internal! So will reinstall to internal the hard reset on SD and then restore my library backup, to be sure!

No way 58c is going to to cause you any issues.
Throttling won’t happen until it gets into the 70c - 80c

If you’re still using some old LE Backup please say so

No this is a new backup using the backup addon and it only contains library information and thumbnails.

It’s all set up now so we’ll see if my problems are over!! LOL
Running at 55c playing video which is acceptable. Just looking for consistency now as I was getting problem after problem but they was probably due to using a LE backup! Yes we live and learn!!! The hard way!!! :upside_down_face:

Still having issues with the Wifi dropping which may just be my Wifi but it works on everything else so…
The Wifi issue was apparent on two other completely different boxes so…
These boxes now run versions of LE and don’t have any problems with wifi!!!

Also still experiencing a long pause at the start and end of video playback when resuming from suspend!

Well I’ve done all I can by doing a fresh install so perhaps I’ll just have to wait for an update?! Think I’ll remove the VFD as that seemed to resolve the pause problem before and it does switch on and off when resuming so…

Anyway, somewhat jaded at the moment so will take a day or two off before my next round of torture!!!