Has anyone ever tried installing on a BuzzTV box?


It’s a buzzTV XPL 3000, it has a s905x SoC. I tried installing ona sdcard, USB, but can’t figure out the boot sequence (plub in power cable while pressing reset , etc) to initiate install.

Any help will be much appreciated.



When you burn the image, there will be a folder of device trees, try different ones. Renaming to dtb.img

Then hold the reset button in, while plugging in the power cable, wait a few seconds, 10-20 secs? then you should see something, then release the reset button


I tried a variation of that, it just got me into the boot loader. Does that mean I pressed reset too long?


No, there is no bootloader menu on Amlogic devices, that sounds like you have entered the Android recovery menu.

There is a few other methods listed here that you can try How to install CoreELEC.


Yeah you’re right. It’s the recovery menu. Which img do you think would be best for this box? [ CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.95.7-S905.img.gz? That one seems like the generic one. Or there’s the .tar one. What do think?


I think the S905 is closest, but you can only burn the img.gz the tar file is for updating


Ok thanks for the info. Where can I find the download links for the device trees. I see the list but no download links.


After you burn the image, you will see a folder called device trees. If the first one doesn’t work, just try another you do not have to burn the image each time


Please read the information in the link I pasted earlier as it contains the answers to the questions you have just asked!


I see what you mean. I just burned it, I see device tree folder. Yes! I should have read before asking!


Ok I tried all the device trees pertaining to my box (gxl_p212_2g) and I keep booting into android recovery menu. (using an SD card)

This happens when doing the method by holding the reset button and plugging it in.

Any ideas?


Try the other methods in the link above!


Sorry, not sure which one you should use, but as it’s so quick, you could try them all.

device tree is based on LAN & RAM

I haven’t burnt a new image for ages.

Hopefully someone else can help


Tried using the terminal emulator method. same thing. Reboots to recovery.


Did you try all recovery ‘trick’ methods mentioned?
Think that would be your best bet for this one.


Have you tried ALL of the device trees?