[HD96PRO+] [S912] Don't see my HDD

Coreelec don’t see my external hdd usb Maxtor M3 1TB with NTFS.
Pendrive is ok but not hdd. Only led on hdd lighting and vibrate.
What i should do? Help me.

How big is the HDD? You may need to connect via a powered hub since the box may not have enough power on its USB port to power the drive.

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it’s 1TB i change my power supply from 2.5A to 5A

I may not matter how many amps your are passing through on the PSU if there is a resistor or regulator on the USB port. The Khadas VIM3L will only pass 800ma on its USB port no matter how big a PSU you use. I would try with a powered hub as suggested to see if its an issue with power or something else

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