HDMI audio stopped working


After the recent auto update to CE on my Odroid-N2 I lost the audio over the HDMI (ARC) connection to my Samsung 32" FHD TV. I got some kind of mute/red cross icon in the top right corner of the UI.

Actually with every new update the HDMI connection was getting progressively worse. First I lost the ability to control Kodi with my TV remote and then came this audio issue with the latest one. I haven’t changed any of the audio settings as everything was working perfectly fine with the initial install I got with the SD card upon purchase. The audio is not muted in the settings and I can see the CEC feature enabled as well.

Any suggestions how to troubleshoot or pointers about what might had changed?

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Just check audio settings(in 2 places) if HDMI Multi Ch PCM and HDMI selected as audio output devices
If you have mute icon then it was muted somehow via remote

same problem on h96x2.

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