HDMI CEC could not initialize


I have a Mekool KM8 (S905X) with CoreElec I’m happy with it but since I install the “ng” version, the HDMI CEC is not workling anymore.
I didn’t made backups so I had to reconfigure CoreElec from scratch.

I haven’t changed anything on my TV (Samsung 40MU6405), no settings and no updates.

The debug log is on: http://ix.io/2vYQ

Thanks for your support

Can you try to us the non-ng version on another boot media?
The log shows: cectx c810023c.aocec: bus confilct too long
This does maybe happen because of a defect on the CEC hardware.
Or something in the ng kernel driver does not work anymore with the “old” hardware.

So if you get the same problem on non-ng it’s a hardware fault, if not it’s a ng driver issue.

I tried with non-ng version and I still have the problem, so I will investigate on my hardware
It’s strange because I didn’t changed anything

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