HDMI-CEC did not run correctly on C4

Good evening, I bought an Odroid-C4. Unfortunately I noticed that HDMI-CEC does not really work well there. As soon as I select Odroid as the source via TV (HDMI), it can happen that my Odroid does not start. I switch back to the SAT source, then my C4 starts. If I quit my C4 again, my C4 remains on the HDMI slot. if I then go back to the SAT source, my C4 will start again automatically. Unfortunately, the Auto Power function of the C4 does not really work.

phy_addr_ab: 0x11, phy_addr_cd: 0x00, msg [4]: 0x10, msg [5]: 0x00

I go to the HDMI source of the C4 and here it should start, but it doesn’t. Only when I go back to the SAT source does it start.

cec.log (31.8 KB)

I have also tested a clean fresh 9.2.2 install an have also the same problem.
If i start via HDMI-CEC, i get this

, phy_addr_ab:0x11, phy_addr_cd:0x00, msg[4]:0x10, msg[5]:0x00

i go back to SAT TV source an the C4 is started.
Here is the fresh log.
cec2.log (10.5 KB)

The next i have seen is, that the LAN LED is allways green. If i have shutdown the C4, the LED is allways on. Is that normal?