HDMI-CEC Problems Odroid C4 / N2 / N2+ Part 2

Hello again!

I have the same problems with Kodi as before stated in the topic from nov 2020.

The Kodi randomly kill cec bus. Only a restart of the system brings it back to life. When the connection ist lost I cannot connect to other CEC devices. Odroid N2+ is connected to Pioneer AVR. The physical adress is set to 2400 (HDMI 2 on TV - ARC and HDMI 4 on the AVR). Any help would be highly appreciated.


And your answer:

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Did you try if CEC functionality is back when you kick on this function using Yatse application from your Android phone:

If it works then I don’t know how but this command would be nice if it is invoked from CoreELEC every few minutes???

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When I try this the CEC activates again and all the commands I pressed before which were not executed are being executed as if there were a “traffic jam” in the cec bus, which is being unblocked by this command.

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