HDMI Parameters


Newby with Coreelec, using N2 for some weeks, works very well, but I am wondering how to adjust the HDMI parameters:

  • Color depth 8-10-12
  • YUV subsampling 420, 422, 444
  • RGB / YUV

I saw in Settings/System/Coreelec that you can force 8b and 422, but I do not see the rest of options, how can I adjust it?.


This options only should be used if your have an issue with standard configuration. In most cases it’s related to AVR’s, some of them require some special settings for 4k.

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CE General Settings: yCbCr (YUV) 444/10bits below 2160p/30fps, above 420/10bits, if you select 422, the general setting will be 422/12 bits. If your TV or AVR only supports 8bit, you will need to adjust it.

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Thanks for the answers, I am using a Benq W2700/HT3550 PJ and while it works OK with those default parameters I see some differences with my himedia Q10 pro and I was willing to change some of those HDMI parameters to try different options, anyway if not possible, that’s it.

BTW: New to Coreelec but large experience in Linux so no pb to use ssh it this is the way

Thanks again.

Try a nightly, there is 8bit and 4:2:2 limit switch in Settings/System/CoreELEC.
But you will not get any better pq then with the default settings.

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Thanks, that’s what I am using, don’t get me wrong PQ is excellent, certainly not worse that the Himedia, it is just that sometimes in some movies there are small differences in colors and I was wondering it is due to the different parameters.