HDR Darker on CoreELEC Odroid N2 than Internal Player

Hi all,

I purchased a CoreELEC version of the Odroid N2 a few months ago and generally been happy with it, I’ve had Pi’s of various versions before and have several years of experience in configuring forks of Kodi. However one things bugs me… when I play a 4K HDR video file on my N2 it is dimmer and less “contrasty” than if I play the same file through the internal player on the LG OLED TV I have. I also have no issues with 1080p video, or non-HDR 4K from the N2 (it plays the same brightness as the internal player) so its definitely a HDR issue. Its basically the same issue as here:


I’ve checked all my HDMI settings etc are correct and its starting to annoy me, I recently started playing 1080 only videos during the daytime with the blinds open as the dark scenes in the HDR files cannot really be seen.

Sam managed to get a fix by altering the master defaults if you read through the thread above, he set a “more realistic fallback” for the mapping, can you guys do the same? Thanks!

You can try nightly build if you use stable and check if you see difference

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maybe stupid but did you try the differents options in the corelec settings oncerning hdr, lg option?

Yes, tried all the settings. Summary:

1080P, Great, same as internal player or DNLA
4K non HDR, Great, same as internal player or DNLA
4K HDR, much darker compared to internal player or DNLA and colours do not pop.

Did you guys read the thread I provided? I really do think its the same issue.

Is anyone else able to test a 4K HDR file through CoreElec and then directly on their TV’s player to see if they get the sme problem? obviously it need so be ensured the picture settings are the same (most TV’s can save the same setting name as different per source)

Also just tried nightly, same issue.

My TV(Philips) internal player is a piece of crap, it´s not easy to compare.

Ive notice kind of similar, when playing 4K HDR on my Sony 4K tv internal player (using the same picture profile - Cinema Pro) vs N2 - colors are more vivid and contrast is better on internal player.
I end up using different picture profile (Cinema Home) and set it up to my like when using N2.

Yes, I’ve tested many times on my LG and I cannot see any difference.

Similar on my C9 OLED.

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I have the same/a similar issue. expecially dark scenes look pretty bad (no contrast, like a cheap 720p stream), while bright scenes are at least decent.

Similar to Problems described here and here

I have a Grundig GOB 9990 OLED (lg 2017 panel)